Joana Vs Warcraft Scrolls - An In-Depth Horde Leveling Guide Review

After searching the internet for help in the World of Warcraft, I decided to purchase my top two picks for a leveling guide. I picked Joanas Guide and Warcraft Scrolls guides.

Designed better for all level of players of World of Warcraft, detailed enough for beginners but advanced enough to not be obsolete for experts leveling a tenth character. Less of a speed run to level 80, it just says the best order to do quests in, what will make you level the fastest in every zone at every level. I prefer this casual but effective way to use a horde leveling guide to the mad dash that is most other leveling guides. They are very meticulous in listing the prerequisites for every section of the leveling guide, makes it easier to not lose your place in the guide; it also helps when you bounce back and forth from the leveling guide and doing instances or whatever. Also, it gives more options of where to go, rather than one very specific path, it has sections written for every zone for every level. All in all, a better horde leveling guide.

Very easy leveling guide to read, quests are listed at the right level for ANY class to EASILY complete and still get sufficient exp for leveling. It's just an easier horde leveling guide to complete.

First and foremost, this leveling guide is designed for expert players, tough to follow for a novice. He does claim to hold the 1-80 leveling record, so I guess that is expected. The speed run thing was a little hard to follow for me, if you take one wrong step; you have to retrace your steps for 20 minutes to re-find your spot in the guide. It also leaves no room for instance runs, grouping, professions, or anything else that the World of Warcraft offers. Again, it's hard to go back in forth in his guide without losing your place, so it threw me off quite a bit when I ran instances. I was a little disappointed, considering its reputation as the best World of Warcraft leveling guide there is.

Joana's Horde Leveling Guide Review - Is it Powerful and Effective?

In the very competitive market of World of Warcraft leveling guides, the need to find one that will truly deliver on its basic goal of putting your WoW character at the highest level in the shortest amount of time possible is equally a daunting task. The experts and veterans of the game together with the upstarts and amateurs are in constant quest to find the most powerful and effectual guide to be had. In this article, I will help you look into one of the more well-known guide out there in the market - Joana's Horde Leveling Guide.

Joana's Leveling Guide is designed basically to be used only when you are playing a Horde character. This guide was made and developed by a person known only for his character's name of Joana or Mancow. Joana achieved fame inside the WoW gaming community when, as a speed runner, he reputedly set the records in several servers as the fastest player to reach level 60 as well level 70 which were both done in just under a week. Many WoW enthusiasts then began asking him about his techniques, strategies, and secrets in achieving his remarkable records. These constants queries made him decide to write what is now known as Joana's Horde Leveling Guides.

This product is a packaged of three guides that include, the 1-70 Horde Leveling Guide, the 70-80 Wrath of the Lich King Guide, and the 1-80 Horde Wrath of the Lich King Guide. What these guides mainly provide a WoW gamer are techniques and strategies that were organized in a step by step path to attain Level 80 the fastest way possible. These guides were now designed to be in an in-game leveling mod format and wrapped up with wide-ranging and exhaustive strategies and tips on how to power level a Horde character. One good thing about Joana's Horde Leveling guide is that the techniques are backed by video support to further demonstrate and better comprehend the guide. The in-depth details that are available inside the guide are testaments to the expertise and extensive experience of playing the game by its creator.

Adhering to the recent trend of an "in-game" guide, Joana's Horde Leveling Guide is now featuring interactive map mod that provides a player of his coordinates and locations on the map. This is done by an automatic direct arrow that points the paths that a player needs to take. This cancelled out the distracting move of pressing alt+tab or leaving the game window to consult the extensive guide.