Aion Kozen Guide Review

Aion, being a relatively new game, means that there are not many leveling guides available compared to other mmorpgs. So for those of you who need help in leveling your character quickly, you do not have much of a selection to choose from. The Aion Kozen Guide is a recent release, but it is far being incomplete, in fact it is probably the most comprehensive leveling guide for Aion players today, for both Elyos and Asmodian players.

Kozen believes in questing to gain levels. This is the quickest way to level. Experienced rewarded from quests is far greater than finding a grinding spots, than killing that same mobs over and over again. The Kozen Guide maps out all the quests you should take from 1 to 50. You will find out where to go for quests, what order you should take the quests in, and how to complete them. So it really is a complete walk-tru of Aion documented in one concise guide.

One of the problems players have found in questing, is that you would complete a quest in one area, then find another set of quests to do in the same area, from another quest giver. This means that you spend time traveling back and forth to the same area. By mapping out the quests in the correct order, the Kozen Guide saves up on traveling time. If you think about it, time spend travelling, means time taken away from doing experience gaining tasks like killing mobs or doing quests. The formula is as simple as that, and Kozen does a great job of implementing this strategy in the guide.

Dugi's 1-80 Dungeon Leveling Guide Review - Best WoW Guide Ever!

Conducting a review for Dugi's Dungeon Leveling Guide gets exciting over time. You can already assessed that it is incomparable with their competitors. It's very unique as it explains how to level by entering dungeons, unlike other leveling guides that teaches you to play solo. In addition to that, they were able to convey their messages in the best possible way.

If you ask me if the guide has already established its credibility, I would say YES! For one, it was made by one of the best Wow player, Dave Farrell or Dugi. Dugi is the kind of person who spends thousands of minutes playing wow. He developed his own techniques and used the perspective of players to create an exceptional guide.

First on the list, Dungeon Leveling Guide is 100% in game. You can play the game and use the guide in real time. And if you want to reach level 80 in an almost impossible speed, Dungeon leveling guide tells it all.

Are you aware that entering dungeons can get you massive rewards in practically all levels? But based on careful observation, players don't enter dungeons until level 80. It is quite a challenge to look for 4 other players to complete the dungeon. So most of the standard leveling guides do not include and encourage dungeon leveling as they find it time consuming for players.