Xerxes Rift Guide Review

When I started playing Rift, I found myself struggling to keep pace with the my friends. Logging in I found them leapfrogging me in leveling pace and I felt lost as they recounted stories about their exciting adventures that I was levels away from experiencing. Determined to keep pace and discover for myself the excitement that Rift has to offer, I checked out a number of Rift Guides, the first of which was the Xerxes Rift Guide. This guide focuses on developing effective builds for every calling, whether you choose to play as a warrior, mage, cleric or rogue, for fast leveling and domination in PVP. It even claimed that it could help fulfill my longing to survive a solo encounter with a Rift and teach me the most effective ways to utilize the build of my choice! And, to be honest, I wasn't the least bit disappointed, but more on that later. The bottom line is that when buy a game and pay a monthly subscription fee, we want our play time to match the cost. A good video game makes sure that our playing experience matches this cost and Xerxes Rift Guide delivers.

Comprehensiveness: Any good video game guide should include a couple of things. First, it should include step-by-step walkthroughs for every major and most minor quests. The Xerxes Rift Guide passes this with flying colors. Although I like to discover my own way through most quests, when I felt lost, I knew I could always turn to the Xerxes Rift Guide for a detailed walkthrough. Second, it should provide detailed build guides for leveling, PVP and raiding. Again, this guide didn;t fail to impress. It has detailed advice on building the most efficient build, no matter your calling. And, it has independent advice for PVP, leveling and raiding, which is always helpful. Third, a good video game guide should have tips and tricks for handling all the surprises Rift has to offer, from Rifts to dungeons to bosses. This is perhaps where the Xerxes Rift guide stands out. I was surprised by the effectiveness of its advice, and giddy like a child when I dominated a random Rift! In terms of fulfilling the expectations and comprehensiveness required by a Rift guide, the Xerxes Rift guide earns a 9. I never felt like the guide was lacking, and only think the guide could be improved with slightly more detailed maps.

Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide

I have been playing WoW ever since it started a couple of years ago, back then I pretty much just mucked around with friends or went and raided a lowbie horde town for a bit of fun. Earning gold wasn't really that high on my agenda until I dinged level 40 and saw that I had nowhere near enough gold to purchase my first mount.

For a lot of new players, purchasing their very first mount can seem like a massive slow down when they are trying to level their character. Just when you think that you've got everything figured out, Blizzard puts in one of those hidden challenges. Right away your focus is pulled away from leveling to making as much gold as possible, as fast as possible.

Making gold in World of Warcraft is considered an art and some help from a gold guide can work you miracles in advancing in the game. Having tried many helpful (but misinformed) tips and methods from blogs and other sites, I came across Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide.

Luke Brown has been playing World of Warcraft for a very long time, this comes across in his gold guide which contains heaps of tips, hints and methods on how to make quick and easy WoW gold. The guide is well planned out and presented with many diagrams and maps to help you. A couple of bonus guides come with the main guide which is great value and you'll find them very helpful.