Joana's Leveling Guide Review

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to level you character to level 70? Some players need only a couple of weeks to get to level 70 while other players need a month or even more. If you are serious about fast leveling you should use special guides. That's why I am writing this article telling you about my favorite guide called Joana's Leveling Guide. Let's talk more about this guide and its features.

Joana's Leveling Guide was written by the player, who has the fastest 1-60 leveling speed in the world. It took him only 4 Days and 20 Hours. In his guide he describes the same methods, strategies and techniques which has helped him to achieve this leveling speed. However, while other guides contain only text information, Joana's Leveling Guide also contains video guides and interactive map coordinates (mapmod).

As for me, the videos are a very useful feature as it shows you every move Joana did to get to level 70. Using mapmod you don't have to press ALT+TAB every time you need to find your next coordinates so you can concentrate on your leveling process.

Warcraft Gold Secrets Guide Review

You are probably wondering if Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide actually works and if its worth your money. If you have played World of Warcraft before, then you would most probably know how essential gold is for any level player. The players who have the most money to buy all the gear they want are always the successful ones. These same players also enjoy playing WoW the most because of their money stockpile.

A selection of WoW players have given up and just bought it from online resellers who want real money for it. This practice is against Blizzard's terms of use (you can get permanently banned), it also starts to get really expensive for you because the prices are very high. Without enough gold it will take you a lot longer to reach level 80. I have found that the most effective solution to this problem is to learn gold making strategies myself, Luke Brown's Gold Secrets enabled me do this.

Luke's guide revealed lots of secret strategies that many of the sellers use to make their gold. These methods are practically unique to this guide, and have helped me achieve the 300+ gold per hour mark. The Gold Secrets Guide will teach you which locations across all the maps will earn you the most money (coordinates are provided to you). You will also learn some highly effective strategies to use while trading at the auction house.