Call of Duty Online Multiplayer Guide - Review

We here at Modern Warfare 2 gamer have done a review on the internet of what is out there in terms of Call of Duty online multiplayer guide. And what we found was some very basic guides to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and a few scattered pieces of literature for Call of Duty: world at war. If you are lucky enough to know a good forum there are three or four very good ones. Where people will happily discuss tactics and weapon classes for any game variety!

There are so many game variations and possible tactics involved when it comes to playing Call of Duty it is difficult to know what to do best! Should I find a spot on a map on free for all and try and stay there all level and pick people of as they run past? Or should I run about like a headless chicken and get in as much fighting as possible? On search and destroy should I sit right back and wait to avoid new tube's or run straight for the front line? A major talking point in the forums is which weapon classes you should use and in which games? Its difficult to know what is best as I am sure certain classes will suit certain players, i.e. and aggressive player might not see the need in UAV jammer. There are also game theory problems that people must address when playing the more tactical games such as hardcore search and destroy, sabotage or headquarters. A good strategy is to watch people who have a really high score and see what there up to!

Inscription Guide Review

Everyone knows what kind of pain it can be to be broke when you're playing World of Warcraft. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with this too much, but I remember when I started, and I didn't have any coin at all. It blew.

And if you're saving for your next big WotLk purchase, or just saving up while you're leveling to 80, we all know there's a ton of ways that anyone can make gold. Grinding for mats, buying and selling mats, and of course, using crafting professions to craft items and sell them to people.

The last has recently became one of my favorite ways. I used to just hang out at the Auction House, buying low and selling high. And when Inscription hit, I was all over it. But I soon found out that there's a lot to it, so I started researching how to power level, what to sell and what not.

What I found was hardly any information at all. Then a friend of mine told me about a guide he'd picked up for all 14 professions, and included not just what to craft to power level, and how much of each item you'll need to make it happen.